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Touch Screen Tables Like No Other

Want to impress your potential customers, clients and colleagues? Then you should definitely be considering touch screen tables. These tables are now becoming increasingly popular and are used for various purposes such as simple computer tasks, gaming purposes, explaining new products, designs and e-learning, etc. If you are still thinking how touch tables can give your business a one-up, then here you go:

  • It provides superior viewing angles
  • Facilitates interaction to eliminate boring one-sided scenarios
  • Assures easy portability and setup

Now, these three advantages are hard to ignore for any business, as they help you to make a mark on your target audience. So, your next question would be, where to find a reliable partner for getting touch screen tables for your premises. This is exactly where you can turn to us.

Custom Designs to Make Your Touch Screen Unique

Wherever you like it, we will help you to put one there. Our experts will design and then we will manufacture, deliver and even install touch tables at your premises. After all, it is your touch screen, so you will have all the freedom to choose and finalize the design yourself. Now does that sound like an all-inclusive deal? Wait, we are not done yet.

We can also help you to deliver stunning sales presentations and visual pitches with great ease. If you are planning to enhance your office receptions, business meetings and other events with touch screen solutions, then we have got your back for this too. We help you visualize your custom product, create a design draft, get it approved by you and then go ahead.

So, with our technology and your ideas, there is no limit to what we can achieve together!

Choose Us for Innovative Solutions

Whether you want to choose from our readily available designs or would want to get something customized, we can help you with everything to create memorable experiences with our touch screen tables.

If you have any queries regarding the sizes, varieties or the software packages associated with our offerings, please feel free to call us on 03 9005 1530. You can also drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post your queries online. Our professionals will quickly get back to you.

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iTable 430

iTable 430

Available Size: 43" ; OS: Windows 8/10, Android
i423 Table

i423 Table

Available Size: 42" , 47"
i422 table

i422 table

Available Size: 43" , 47", 55"
touchscreen table for kinder

i380 Table

Available Size: 43" , 47" , 55"