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After 10 years of manufacture in touchscreen product and self service kiosk industry, NEWTOUCH become a leading provider of touchscreen technology and self-service kiosk manufacturer.  Headquartered and founded in Melbourne, Australia. NEWTOUCH is an innovative and well established interactive touch company, with office and showroom in Melbourne and assembly lines in three locations worldwide. We specialize in turnkey interactive self-service kiosk and digital signage solutions and serve major industries, including retail, hospitality, tourism, government, education, healthcare, and entertainment.

NEWTOUCH develops patents, and sells intelligent optical & infra modules for data input and output, based around a core suite of virtual interface technologies. NEWTOUCH’s focus is in empowering OEM’s, system integrators, and system designers to integrate low cost, low overhead, and low footprint components that enable any flat surface to become interactive, employing a range of unique and ubiquitous Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions. 
NEWTOUCH has been successfully delivery multi-touch screen products in Australia and other countries. we offer a range of touchscreen products to different business and government sectors. NEWTOUCH’s extensive patent portfolio and designs are being utilised in various applications such as automotive, white goods, consumer electronics, industrial automation and touch screen applications, providing our clients with tremendous value added in terms of component cost and stock code reduction, reduced design cycles together with greater design flexibility, and greater performance over competitive solutions.


Our Values

We are dedicated to the idea of transparency and accountability. We not only serve our clients but also build a relationship of trust and mutual understanding.
We work constantly providing what our customer demand from us, this helps in building a better relationship and understanding.
Our hard-working and dedicated employees are the backbone of our company and thus we provide an environment for them to nurture their talent and respect their hard work and dedication for the company.
We not only think about our own development but also incorporate social responsibility by taking initiatives to develop health communities which provide facilities to live, play, work and maximum the growth of the society as well.
We are committed to ethical conduct and social responsibility and so we provide good business and moral ethics for people to interact with us.

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