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Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk


Whenever you need to display information and you want to be able to do it in a simple way then a touch screen kiosk can help you. You have probably already seen them at a shopping centre or library before. If you have ever used one you will know how easy they are to use. They just make things easier and who doesn’t want things to be made easier for them.

You can display all the information you need that is helpful to your customers in the one, easy to use spot. They are convenient for the customer, and also for you. It saves you time and money on human resources that you can use for other areas of your business.

Specifications :

1. NEWTOUCH Touch Screen

2. Customization is available

3. Indoor or Outdoor

4. Software supported stylish 1.5mm cold rolled steel enclosure Lockable computer & monitor compartments ability to

    secure to floor

5. Size: 17"- 65" LCD/LED, With built-in Computer, Speakers (Webcam, Printer, Payment System, Coin Acceptor...etc)

Download the PDF for full available on models: 

  Touchscreen Kiosk Full Brochure  Download                                               






Touch Screen Kiosk - Interact, Inspire & Connect

Ever thought what is the biggest benefit of touch screen kiosks? Well, it is the intuitive interaction between the user and your device. For this reason, businesses across the globe are increasingly considering the touchscreen technology. Large touch screen monitors and the ‘touch interaction’ with the screen is becoming the ‘new normal’. Soon, this technology will become crucial to interact and reach out to your audience.

NEWTOUCH is a leader in vibrant, long-lasting vibrant touchscreen solutions. We offer a wide variety of self service kiosks, from standard to pedestal, that enhances any campus, lobby, open space or interactive exhibits. With huge touchscreen monitors, our interactive kiosks are designed to make a statement. Whether you want to provide information to your visitors, help them take some action or just know who are entering your premises, you can turn to us for quality kiosks that serve your purpose.

Innovative Kiosks Designed to Your Needs

Having served several clients across the world for close to a decade now, we understand that the technological kiosk requirements vary from one client to another. So, we follow a custom approach. Here, our professionals will have a discussion with you to understand your requirements and then design the kiosk accordingly. Therefore, by choosing us, you can be assured of having the kiosk that precisely caters to your business needs.

Some of the kiosks we offer include, but are not limited to, then following:

  • Payment kiosk
  • Pedestal kiosk
  • Retail kiosk
  • Outdoor Waterproof kiosk
  • Multi function Self service kiosk
  • Ticketing Self service kiosk
  • Temperature Detection Kiosk

Whether you want indoor or outdoor kiosks, you want the ones with built-in speakers and computers, etc. we can customise it as per your needs. Our software supported stylish kiosks will surely entice your audience and will also provide them with all the information they seek. Right from payment systems and coin acceptors to printers and webcam, you can rely on us to get any sort of technology integrated in your kiosks.

Still have queries? Why don’t you take a moment to quickly fill out our online form and get instant response. You can also reach out to us by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us directly on 03 9005 1530. We look forward to hear from you.