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Infrared Overlay Touchscreen

Size: 17" to 220" 

 Touch Overlay Types:   Non-water proofWater-proof indoorWater-proof outdoor.


What is IR Touchscreen Overlay? 

 IR Touchscreen overlay kit that turns your passive monitor or TV into a true multi-touch experience. The user has immediately turned his screen device into touchscreen easily.  

At NEWTOUCH we providing high quality touchscreen overlays. It easy to fit and non- calibrate. We are specialised in outdoor water proof touchscreen overlay. 

Touch Overlay Types:   Non-water proofWater-proof indoorWater-proof outdoor.

Size: 17" to 220" 


 Scanning Speed: 30 scans per second

Minimum Touch Object: >8mm

Response Time:2-5ms

Accuracy:  (+/-)2mm

Temperature Operating:  -20°C to 50°C

Temperature Storage: -40°C to 80°C

Humidity Operating: 0% to 85%

Humidity Storage: 0% to 95%

Max. Working Altitude: 3000m

Life Span: 7 Years

Noise: 0dB

Dust Proof: Dust Proof Aluminium Frame

Glass: Toughened Glass

Glass Vandal-Proof: 1.04KG Steel Ball drop from 1.04m

Transparency: 99%

Operating Voltage:  DC 5V +/-5% via USB

Power Consumption: 1W

Power Supply:  USB

Warranty: 1 year