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Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Available size:  12"- 55"

What is Projected Capacitive Touchscreen? 

 Pro-Cap touchscreen kit that turns your passive monitor or TV into a true multi-touch experience. The user has immediately turned his screen device into touchscreen easily. (Please download the report from Stanford University if you want to know more about Pro-Cap touch Technology, click here ) 

Available size:  12"- 55"


The Projected-capacitive technology allows for multiple zones of touch to occur simultaneously. This can be accomplished due to an invisible grid of sensors on the back of the substrate that map the location of all fingers that come in contact with the screen. The grid pattern detects location of touch by determining relative levels of current within the matrix. Most of mobiles and tablets are applied with this type of technology. 

Capacitive Touch Screen Features:

  • Activation requires either bare finger or capacitive stylus
  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Good resolution
  • Very accurate

At NEWTOUCH we providing high quality touchscreens. It easy to fit and non- calibrate. We are specialized in outdoor water proof touchscreen. Please call or email NEWTOUCH today for your touchscreen solutions.