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Interactive Building Directory Kiosk

For greeting when visitor arriving in an unattended foyer, using our directory can make it a breeze to find you, searching by individual names or companies.

What is touchscreen building directory board?

NEWTOUCH ’s product line of free-standing directory kiosks are designed to be plug & play applications. We deliver the directory kiosk with all the kiosk hardware and kiosk software pre-installed. We input all the data and customize it with your companies building photo on the home page and insert your company’s logo.

Hardware: In the end you are provided with a user-friendly building directory tailored to your unique specifications and company’s goal. Specifically designed to have maximum visual impact in a minimalist package, touchscreen kiosk has the capacity to respond to a range of visitor enquiries and provides a highly flexible platform for multiple applications. We are offer 70 models for your choices to suit whatever your business industry.


Kiosk: 70 designs, Steel construction including key lock and external security to floor

Built-PC: industrial grade built-in PC with fan-less function, customises to match software

Touchscreen: Infrared, Capacitive

Software: Customise design building directory.

Connectivity: Built in LAN and WIFI Option


Our customising building directory software makes easier than ever for people to visit any building.

Application industries:    Office, Hospital, university, hotel, convention centre, Airport, Government.