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Newtouch is a manufacturer and distributor of all interactive touch products. Headquartered and founded in Melbourne, Australia. Newtouch is an innovative and well established interactive touch company, with office

and showroom in Melbourne and assembly lines in three locations worldwide.

Newtouch develops patents, and sells intelligent optical & infra modules for data input and output, based around a core suite of virtual interface technologies. Newtouch’s focus is in empowering OEM’s, system integrators, and system designers to integrate low cost, low overhead, and low foot print components that enable any flat surface to become interactive, employing a range of unique and ubiquitous Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions.

Whether replacing competitive touch screen solutions, or simply bringing a touch response to otherwise inert surfaces, Newtouch is providing a breakthrough in HMI with low cost user-proof, software configurable control surfaces.