Today: Friday, March 23, 2018


Whenever you need to display information and you want to be able to do it in a simple way then a touch screen kiosk can help you. You have probably already seen them at a shopping centre or library before. If you have ever used one you will know how easy they are to use. They just make things easier and who doesn’t want things to be made easier for them.

You can display all the information you need that is helpful to your customers in the one, easy to use spot. They are convenient for the customer, and also for you. It saves you time and money on human resources that you can use for other areas of your business.

Specifications :

1. NEWTOUCH Touch Screen

2. Customization is available

3. Indoor or Outdoor

4. Software supported stylish 1.5mm cold rolled steel enclosure Lockable computer & monitor compartments ability to

    secure to floor

5. Size: 17"- 65" LCD/LED, With built-in Computer, Speakers (Webcam, Printer, Payment System, Coin Acceptor...etc)

     Touchscreen Kiosk Brochure  download                      

       iPad Kiosk Brochure download

Kiosk Accessories: 



        Metal Keyboard                 Thermal Printer                   Barcode/QR Scanner               Card Reader


      Built-in Camera                      Payment System                 Privacy Filter                Transport Case



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