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What is outdoor touchscreen kiosk?

It is a kiosk can be placed outdoor without any undercover protection. It resolves under sunlight, rain, dust and temperature issues.   

What are key elements you should concern when choosing outdoor touch screen kiosk?


a)  Some of touchscreen will not operate well when it under sunlight, you must choose a sunlight touchscreen for outdoor

b) Screen readable under sunlight, you will need anti-glare screen to make sure it readable under sunlight

c)  Brightness, under sunlight, you will need high bright commercial LED to make sure your customer can read it during a sunny day

Rain and Dust: (IP Rate)

NEWTOUCH offer two type of IP rate outdoor kiosk IP55 and IP65

: Complete protection against contact with live or moving parts inside the enclosure. Protection against harmful deposits of dust. The ingress of dust is not totally prevented, but cannot enter in an amount sufficient to interfere with satisfactory operation of the machine. Water projected by a nozzle against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.
: Complete protection against contact with live or moving parts inside the enclosure and against the ingress of dust. Water projected by a nozzle against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

Read more about IP rate click here (from Wikipedia)


Various locations come with different temperature.  NEWTOUCH offers special design cooling system for most type of environment.

As outdoor kiosk involve a lot of different factors, please contact us to discuss a best solution for your environment. We will have your best suitable solution for your environment.

Certificates: CE, SAA, C-Tick, RCM, IP55/65

Contact NEWTOUCH ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 03 9005 1530) for your outdoor kiosk today to find out more. 

Please click PDF at right to see our outdoor kiosk models. 
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Stainless Steel Metal Industrial Keyboard


Stainless steel metal industrial keyboard with trackball&number keys 
1,USB or PS/2 customized 
3, Mouse left and right


Front Panel:SUS304 stainless steel

Key:  stainless steel

Back Panel: aluminum alloy


Mechanical Performance:

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

Storage Temperature: -30°C to +80°C

Relative humidity: 30%--95%

Atmospheric pressure: 50 to 110kPa

Lifespan: >1 million operations per key 

Stroke Travel: 2mm

Key pressure: 120g

  Model: MK-01


  Model: MK-02

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Touch Screen Monitors
Written by Super User   Written on 03.10.2013

Have you ever wondered how a touch screen monitor can help you? The best thing that a touch screen monitor can do to help you is to makes things easier for you. It saves you time, it’s convenient and it also just happens to help your customers.

You can get the n series LCD monitor from Newtouch and be well on your way to an easier daily routine. They are an interactive piece of technology so you can plug in all the information necessary and simply access it with the swipe of a finger. It doesn’t really get much easier than that.

Here are some of the features of the n series LCD touch screen monitors:

  • 19 inch touch screen LCD monitor
  • Flat panel LCD TFT (Active Matrix)
  • Largest 5:4 format touch screen available
  • Contrast ratio: 800:1
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Available in 19” and 22”

This is just one of the touch monitors that are available for you at Newtouch. To see more of what we offer regarding this amazing technology then you can click here.

These types of monitors have a variety of applications. If you are involved in education, hospitals, airports, banks, museums, exhibitions, etc, then this kind of technology is great for you. You can put all the necessary information into the system so that your customers can access everything they need in an easy to use, interactive place.

You can’t really ask for much more in regards to convenience and efficiency. A touch screen can really help you take your business or whatever work it is you do to another level of productivity because of how much it will save you in time. You will also get an easy to understand user manual with all touch screen monitors your purchase so if you are not the most tech savvy person out there you don’t need to worry.


To get your very own touch screen monitors you can visit Newtouch where they will help you with any enquiries you may have.

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Receptionist Kiosk-ALICE
Written by Super User   Written on 26.07.2014
The only virtual receptionist to offer live visitor and lobby management
touchscreen receptionist

Visitors interact with NEWTOUCH ALICE's touch screen interface to communicate with employees via a one-way or two-way video. If employees are unavailable, visitors can contact the employee via phone, direct-to-mobile, or leave a video or voice message.

ALICE Receptionist is a virtual receptionist system that enables businesses to take back control of their front lobby area. ALICE empowers employees to connect with visitors in the lobby, from the convenience of the offices. We offer a virtual receptionist system for just about every type of business.

 More information please visit Alice Reception Official Site 

For discuss your virtual receptionist system, please call us or fill the inquiry form under. 

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Touch Glasses
Written by Super User   Written on 03.10.2013

Have you ever thought about how you can transform your business? Touch glasses can help transform your business. Of course, there are many things that need to happen to transform your business and touch glasses is one of them.

You probably want an easier way of doing things, an easier way of being able to deliver a presentation, or some kind of information. Touch glasses are interactive which means everything you need will be laid out beautifully in front of you, and will be simple to use. You want to be ale to deliver your information in the best way that you can, touch glasses can help get any message across to whoever your audience is.

You are probably wondering specifically how you could use touch glasses. Here are some of the most common applications of this technology:

  • Store window displays
  • Indoor/outdoor kiosks
  • Glass partitions
  • Corporate offices
  • Training/meeting rooms
  • Exhibitions/conferences
  • Museums/visitor attractions

Have you ever been to one of the above events and found that you need an easy way of displaying information? In an interactive, easy to use way? One of the best things about touch glasses is how simple everything is laid out for you, that is the interactive aspect of this product at work.

Then there is how beautiful the product looks. It is a modern and sleek looking design which is bound to give you that sense of modernity and sophistication for your business, meeting, or whichever one of the above applications you may need it for.

Imagine if you are in a large meeting with corporate clients and you need a simple way to deliver your information in the one, easy to use spot. Imagine how much more of an impression you will make on any of your prospective clients when they see information delivered in this way. It all makes a difference in the end.

Touch glasses can help you transform your business. You can get your own slice of this beautiful technology at Newtouch.

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