Today: Friday, March 23, 2018


NEWTOUCH offers a series of high performance industrial mini computers that have been designed to handle most industrial demanding applications. Industrial mini PCs are small in size but they can surpass the performance of most desktops and notebook PCs.

NEWTOUCH mini industrial PC utilizes the latest Intel processor technology and are packed with features including: Fan-less designed, Watch Dog Timer, 3G module, Support SSD, 3D video graphics and much more. 

Whether your application requires extreme processing power, open expansion slots, graphics performance or the ability to operate from DC Power, NEWTOUCH can assist you with your requirements.

CPU type: ATOM (D2550/N2800); Celeron (1037u); I Series (i7, i5, i3 CPU) 

Ports: USB 3.0, RS232, Support 485/422, GB LAN ports, 2.5″ HD,SSD, JSPKR,JVGA1,LVDS, RJ-45,VGA,HDMI,3D video graphics, audio in/out.

Multiple Application Uses: 

Digital Signage – Digital Menus, Billboard Ads

Touchscreen Kiosk

POS / Self-Service Terminal – ATM Controller

Industrial Automation

Machine to Machine

Transportation – In-Vehicle Telemetry

Medical Technology – Fanless System, Dust Free PC, Monitoring PC





For special performance and reliable industrial mini PC contact NEWTOUCH today to discuss your application.